How to Manage Shoulder Pain Without Surgery {FREE}

Learn to Manage Shoulder Pain Avoiding Medications, Injections and Surgery

John Stephen, PT, PPD, Cert MDT, COMT

John is a master clinician (PT) specializing in advanced Orthopedic manual techniques. He received his Post-Professional Clinical Doctorate in 2006 with a concentration in advanced Orthopedics. He graduated as a physiotherapist in the early 90's and has over 24 years of clinical expertise. Dr. Stephen is also an APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor.  Dr. Stephen is McKenzie certified and has extensive Orthopedic manual training in extremities and spine.

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Free Shoulder Pain Workshop

Where: Rehab Specialists

Address: 1908 W Milham Ave

Portage, MI 49024

Date: Monday, August 19th at 6 pm 


Warning: Seats are limited. Registration is required. Claim your seat now to reserve your spot!

What You're Going To Learn

  • -What Shoulder Impingement and Rotator Cuff Tendonitis is and what to do about it
  • -What the shoulder is designed to do and what can go wrong when it does too much
  • -The top causes of shoulder pain 
  • -What are the natural treatments that should be tried first before turning to surgery 
  • -How other parts of your body can have a huge affect on your shoulder 
  • -Exercises and stretches to help manage your shoulder pain


You Should Attend This Free Workshop If...

- You have pain in your shoulder when you reach up over your head

- You are no longer as active as you once were because of your pain

- You want to avoid surgeries or injections

- You have a hard time sleeping

- You are afraid your pain will not get any better

- Your spouse or friend is too stubborn to get help for their pain 


What Past Patients Have To Say...

I was at Rehab Specialists to treat my 9 year old daughter recently. Their staff members were kind and extremely professional. We had to go back few times for therapy and every time they took extra care to put my daughter at ease. She had a rotator cuff from playing tennis. Highly recommend this place for little kids.


I went to Rehab Specialist because I had an ongoing shoulder injury of a couple years.
I started with John. He did a very thorough evaluation and made a plan for me to get better. He was very patient, and knew just what I needed for my injury. I was always impressed his knowledge. Within a couple weeks I could feel the difference in my shoulder. A confidence I hadn’t had in years. Everyone there was always super nice and professional. They checked my insurance and just billed me my co-pay’s. My insurance covered most of my visits and I gladly paid cash for a few at the end because the therapy worked so well and I wanted to compete my plan. Ive since referred many friends and family members and they all sing hi praises about John and his team. I highly recommend Rehab Specialist.


Rehab Specialists took me down the road of recovery and got my arm back to full range of motion. Thank you for showing me the way!