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Our Staff

Our staff at Rehab Specialists is comprised of licensed physical, occupational and speech therapy professionals who are experts in the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics of the body. We know how to help you get out of pain and back in action. The master clinicians at Rehab Specialists are trained or certified in the McKenzie method as well as several other specialty techniques, and have extensive experience in managing complex neurological and Orthopedic conditions. Each clinician has specialized training as well as years of experience. We believe in giving individual attention to each of our patients. Our therapists have worked closely with area surgeons in developing post-operative rehab protocols and are considered experts in the field.

John Stephen
PT, PPD, Cert. MDT, COMPT is the clinic director for Rehab Specialists

John is a master clinician (PT) specializing in advanced Orthopedic manual techniques. He received his Post-Professional Clinical Doctorate in 2006 with a concentration in advanced Orthopedics. He graduated as a physiotherapist in early 90's and has over 23 years of clinical expertise. Dr. Stephen is also an APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor. With extensive experience in treating back and neck pain with radiating symptoms, he has an active interest in sharing his expertise through mentoring, and has taught numerous courses. Dr.Stephen is McKenzie certified and has extensive Orthopedic manual training in extremities and spine. He is certified in spinal manipulative therapy in Ireland through Manual concepts, Australia and a certified orthopedic manual therapist ( COMPT). He has worked with area surgeons and physicians in developing evidence based protocols for Orthopedic, neuro-surgical and sports medicine conditions. Dr. Stephen's research interests includes evidence based interventions for peripheral neuropathy and has successfully developed an evidence based protocol for peripheral neuropathy. John specializes in spine, extremities, nerve injuries, sports medicine and general Orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Andrew J Fate
- MSPT, MBA is the current administrative director for Rehab Specialists, LLC

Andy has a Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree from Grand Valley State University in 2002 and a  MBA degree from Cornerstone University. Andy has extensive experience as an Orthopedic manual physical therapist and is a dedicated clinician. Andy's patients often describe him as a very caring and compassionate therapist who often goes above and beyond to make patients better. Andy is currently one of the few LSVT certified clinicians in SW Michigan, and has expertise in treating Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. Andy also has Mckenzie, manual, geriatrics and sports medicine training. Andy is certified in rock taping ( Kinesio taping) and rock blades ( Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

Megan Bly
Clinical Supervisor

Megan graduated with a doctor of physical therapy degree in 2010. Megan has experience in orthopedic, sport medicine and general neurological conditions. Megan is the clinical supervisor for Rehab Specialists and oversees day to day clinical management and therapists. She is a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) and specialty trained in vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Megan has LSVT certification as a specialty trained therapist in Parkinsons. Megan is Mckenzie trained and also has an active interest in geriatrics along with extensive experience in pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. Megan is very dedicated and caring therapist who enjoys working with patients.

Maribeth Henry

Maribeth graduated with a doctor of physical therapy degree in 2008. Maribeth has experience in orthopedic, sport medicine and general neurological conditions. She is a certified lymphedema therapist (CLT) and Mckenzie trained. She sees both out patient and home health patients.

Allyson Lowis

Allyson graduated from Central Michigan University with her doctor of physical therapy degree in 2017. She has had experience working with vestibular disorders, concussions, orthopedics, and specifically working with dancers. In addition, Allyson is a licensed massage therapist with 4 years of experience. Allyson is a life-long learner and is Mckenzie trained. She is very caring and enjoy working as a physical therapist.

Amy Rogers
Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Amy graduated from the University of Michigan – Flint with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2013. She is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and has spent a vast amount of time treating post-concussion syndrome. Amy also has experience working with vestibular and balance disorders, oncology rehabilitation as well as general neurological conditions. Amy is also an APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor. Amy is a life-long learner who is dedicated to providing the best care for her patients, and truly enjoys working as a Physical Therapist.

Sarah Stephan

Sarah has been a physical therapist assistant for over 19 years and she has extensive experience in treating Orthopedics, sports medicine and geriatric patients. Sarah has both Mckenzie and Orthopedic manual therapy training with a strong background in evidence based practice. Sarah has experience in helping women with musculoskeletal issues during pregnancy and is a strong team player. She is a very dedicated and caring clinician. Sarah is certified in LSVT BIG, specializing in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other neurological disorders. Her recent advance training includes thoracic, rib conditions and TMJ.

Greg Tharge

Gregg is a certified manual therapist and has solid expertise in manual therapy. He graduated in 2005 as a PT assistant from Kellog Community College and became certified in Integrated manual therapy in 2009. Gregg is the center coordinator for clinical education and has been awarded the outstanding Clinical Instructor award 5 times. Gregg also teaches with Great Lakes Seminars as an assistant instructor. His expertise includes sports medicine, spine, complex sacro-iliac joint issues, vestibular rehab (BPPV), and pediatric orthopedic injuries. He is Mckenzie trained and the current community liason. Gregg is a very compassionate and caring therapist who often goes above and beyond for his patients.

Joe Richmond

Joe is a PT assistant and graduated from Kellog Community College. He has experience in treating geriatrics and neurological conditions. Joe also has experience working with lumbar radiculopathy patients and general orthopedic conditions. Joe is very passionate about his work and enjoys working with both outpatient and in-home patients. 

Tracy Fate
Speech language Pathologist

                Tracy graduated from Western Michigan University in 2001 with her Master’s in Speech Pathology and has been a dedicated speech language pathologist for over 16 years. She has worked with a diverse population including pediatrics, young adults, and geriatric clients, and has treated many challenging diagnoses in her career. She has worked in rehabilitation hospital settings treating both inpatients and outpatients, skilled nursing facilities, and schools. Tracy has completed training and received certification in Vital Stim Therapy for dysphagia. She has performed videofluoroscopies to determine safest oral diets and appropriate dysphagia treatments. Tracy enjoys staff and family education on various topics that improve communication, cognition and lifestyle. In her spare time, Tracy enjoys spending time with her family, walking her two small dogs, and reading.

Keri Story
Occupational Therapist

Keri graduated as a non-traditional student with her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University (WMU) in 2014. She has experience working with orthopedics diagnoses and neurological conditions including stroke recovery. Since graduating she has become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist for Upper Extremities and teaches at WMU in the Gerontology Department. She has been married for over 20 years, has 3 adult children and loves volunteering within her community. Keri looks forward to helping you achieve as much independence as possible and treating injuries in a way that will reduce pain and promote health.

Adam Osmun
- BA

Adam Osmun is the business manager for Rehab Specialists. Adam has over 12 years of working in the healthcare with a focus in rehabilitation. Adam graduated with Bachelor's degree in exercise physiology from Hope College. He has worked with area surgeons assisting patients in their recovery process.

Nicole Arnott
Front desk Coordinator

Nicole is the front desk coordinator and she has more than 12 years experience with medical office customer service. She handles scheduling, payments and customer service. Nicole is also a licensed Massage Therapist with over 11 years of experience. She graduated from Everest Institute specializing in Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger point & Relaxation massage techniques. She has worked in the health care field for over 12 years and is very passionate about helping people on their healing journey!

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